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Home grown alpacas - Handmade goods

Please browse our site and acquaint yourself with these delightful creatures who brought us to this fun-loving and full ranch. We run our ranch with the help of our only employees, our two guard dogs, Raela and Aurora; our two rescued mules, Miss Blossom and Mr. Rogers; and several barn cats. Our hands-on approach ensures the production of well-balanced, top quality, easy-to-handle alpacas with stunning fleece. Be sure to find us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube!


Alpaca fiber is free and clean. It does not require any harsh chemicals to clean or process.

- Lighter in feel
- Silkier
- More durable
- Resistant to pilling


Alpaca fibers do not contain any lanolin which is what other wool producing animals have that cause for allergic reactions to some. Therefore, the alpaca's are hypoallergenic

- Stain resistant

- Does not hold debris

- Superior breathing


Alpaca's fiber is natural, soft, and warmer than other wooled animals

- Odor resistant

- Flame resistant

Water resistant

The alpacas fibers are water resistant because they have a low water retention rate

- Wicks away sweat

- Won't mat or pill

- Wind proof

- Stain resistant

Why go alpaca?

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R2 Hillside stands with The Rett Foundation as well as families, friends, and individuals impacted by this condition.

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