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Rich and Renee Rogers met while cruising downtown in their Texas hometown and eventually got married and moved out to California. Shortly after being married in the late 80’s, they spent a weekend with friends at their parents’ new alpaca ranch in Vermont. Renee had never seen an alpaca before and spending just a short weekend with these beautiful, sweet creatures impacted both of them greatly.

After 30 years of marriage and raising three kids in Danville, CA, the two headed to the coast to satisfy their love for the beach and surfing. They also wanted to create and pursue something they could enjoy and share together: the full time business of R2 Hillside Ranch (2 R’s for Rich and Renee). Their days moved from demanding corporate jobs, driving the kids to sports, 4-H projects, the many church events, and volunteering to a much quieter life.

They enjoyed the fun life watching their three kids grow to be adults. After a life full of social and family obligations, the couple was ready for a change, and excited to move to a new chapter of life. R2 Hillside Ranch is a transition to a simple and quiet rural life. It has been a great adjustment for more peace and serenity.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” — C.S Lewis.


Sophie Nethery

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