'Alpaca' Felted Alpaca Hat

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These R2 Hillside hand-knit hats are perfect for any nature lover! Woven with one string of baby alpaca for softness and one strand of wool for shape, these make a perfect gift for someone in your life, or even for yourself! 

This hat will fit a 20 to 23 inch head.

We also have many design of many different type of animals over and flower over 30 to choose from and we take custom orders, as well. If, you are looking for another type of animal other than a alpaca or floral hat please ask and I will share all the different varieties and colors we carry.

This hat is handcrafted sustainable luxury alpaca knitwear.  Each hat is carefully and uniquely handknitted, our products are simply timeless. Do you have a design in mind you don’t see? Contact us to discuss custom pieces. As each item is hand made the estimated shipping time is 15-25 business days and is mailed regular mail.