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R2 Hillside PacaPods
~ Garden Wonder ~
Alpaca dried poop is a soil amendment that improves the soil quality and boosts its ability to retain water. It is also good for plants with a great amount of nitrogen and potassium and average levels of phosphorus. Alpaca manure has Highest, Most Balanced Nutritional Content of Any Livestock.   
Organic Alpaca Plant soil amendments are packaged right here at R2 Hillside Ranch
The Very Best Natural Plant Food for plants, flowers, and vegetables.
* Low odor
* No preparation is needed, it is ready to use.
* Self time release soil amendments
* Great for use on both Indoor & Outdoor Plants
* Non "hot" soil amendments
* Balanced Nutrition full of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium
* Rich soil amendment that will improve soil quality and its ability to retain water
* Natural Deer Repellent

Each of the 4"x6" tea bag is reusable for up to 5 times 

Garden Wonder ~ directions for use:
~ Steep 1 burlap tea bag per gallon of water for 24 + hours
~ Water plant soil, indoor and outdoor plants
~ Reuse each tea bag. If the water turns brown after steeping it is still effective
~ Bury used biodegradable tea bag in garden soil or add to compost for extra soil amendments.

* Please Do Not Drink this kind of Tea *

R2 PacaPods will make your Flowers Explode with Color and your Veggies Burst with Produce!!!

You will receive three 6" x 4"Burlap Bags. Each Tea bag each will makes 1 gallon of Liquid soil amendments with each steep or purchase a one 1 pound bag

Also, available for local pickup (95076) at $5 per pound - loose 
50lb minimum   Contact for info